Rick Blatter M.Sc.
Scientist, Comedian, Writer, Speaker, Philosopher, Entrepreneur, RAH (Responsible, Accountable, Honest) Politician

is available for



(Corporate rate: $5000 per day; small businesses $1000 per day;  private individuals & not-for-profit organizations $100 per hour)


* Putting  "The Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth"   back into the Courts and "Legal System"... how criminals, liars and thieves have hijacked the legal system to make victims look like criminals, and the criminal look like the victim... and what you can do about it.
( Please watch the movies  Michael Clayton  and Changeling to see how  
"The Truth can be adjusted" )

(pill, potion & drug free)

"Fitness"  is not something you do three (3) or four (4) times per week for one (1) hour or so per day. Fitness is an ENJOYABLE  way of Life!  Your body adapts to whatever you do with it/ to it.  Learn how your:  Physical Activity, Lifestyle, Nutrition, heredity, and perhaps some presently unknown factors interact to make you look and feel the way you do...  while having  FUN  and enjoying life to its  fullest!
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FITNE$$ for BU$INE$$
(How to keep yourself and your employees  HAPPY,  HealthyMotivated  and  Productive)

(pill, potion and drug free)

Sixty (60%) to Eighty (80%) percent of all Accidents, Sickness and Disease can be prevented. Learn how to live the "WELLNESS Way", while  looking  and  feeling  great, enjoying life to its fullest, and having FUN! 
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* What YOU need to know about "Scientific Research"
... stop watching, start THINKING !
 Much of what passes as "Scientific Research" is actually advertising, or even worse: propaganda orchestrated by commercial interests to sell you something.
Please watch the movies: "
The Insider"  and
  "The Corporation"  to see how this is done.

* DEMOCRACY for EVERYONE: A humorous but sadly true look at how the  "political  system"   really works.

Is "The News" always "News", or is it often paid advertising, or even worse: contrived, manufactured propaganda designed to deceive?  How can you differentiate between "News" and propaganda?
Please watch the movies: "Good Night, and Good Luck", "Fahrenheit 911",
Charlie Wilson's War",  "Control Room",  and  "Frost/ Nixon".


    or       Mass  Brainwashing  ?    (Brand  Washed?)
Please watch the movies: "The Yes Men"  and
  "The Corporation"  to see how this is done.

HAPPINESSStress  and  $UCCE$$

How to CORRECT the Correctional System: RESTITUTION and REHABILITATION  vs  "punishment".

* Global Warming: practical things you can do EVERY DAY to help while having fun, saving money, getting fit and enjoying life... the conscientious WELLNESS way.   Please  also see  the  Al  Gore  documentary "An Inconvenient Truth"  and visit:  www.ClimateCrisis.net 

* Living without terrorism: How to prevent terrorism by giving people HOPE. Diffusing "dangerous" situations with love, empathy, compassion and charitable basic human decency costs far less than a  "war on terrorism",  both in terms of dollars spent and through loss of innocent lives, (the latter which invariably tends to exacerbate the problem).
Please watch the movie:  "Charlie Wilson's War"

Overcoming Adversity: How  to  convert  the worst  tragedy  into  OPPORTUNITY...
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