The following OBJECTIVES  and  PRIORITIES  are my  2005  Election Platform for the Federal ELECTIONS in CANADA  2005 :

1)  Implement the THREE (3) STRIKES Rule for RAH (Responsible, Accountable, Honest) Governments at the Federal level in order to help ensure that Federal Politicians remain Responsible, Accountable, and Honest. ( Please Go To:  3 STRIKES Rule  page at  www.DEMOCRACYforEVERYONE.com  for more information. )

2)  ABOLISH The Senate  (All  105 - 112 Scandalously Appointed Patronage Seats)  since The Senate will be rendered OBSOLETE and therefore unnecessary once the THREE (3) STRIKES Rule for RAH  (Responsible, Accountable, Honest)  Governments is adopted in Parliament.  ( Savings: close to ONE (1) BILLION Dollars ! )

3)  Downsize  (actually  RIGHTSIZE !)  The House of Commons by amalgamating every three (3) Federal Ridings into one (1) riding. This "Rationalization of Resources"  through riding "consolidation" would help eliminate waste, duplication, and excess costs by  reducing the number of Members of Parliament (MPs) from an EXCESSIVE 308 (Three-Hundred Eight !) members presently, to the optimally RIGHTSIZED number of 103  (one-hundred three) MPs / seats in the Parliament of Canada.  (Savings to the Canadian Taxpayer : over ONE (1) BILLION Dollars !)

4)  ABOLISH ALL Government Pensions to former MPs and Senators who have incomes and/or private pensions of $50,000 (Fifty-Thousand Dollars) or more.  (Savings to the Canadian Taxpayer: approximately ONE (1) BILLION Dollars !)

5) Allow CANADIANS  to VOTE for The Prime Minister of their choice rather than let Party Politics dictate who the Prime Minister will be.  (Savings to the Canadian Taxpayer :  PRICELESS !)




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